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Village with 2,400 inhabitants 5 km north of Gödöllő, along the road connecting Gödöllő with Vác, at the foot of Gödöllő hill-country. Brook Rákos takes its source from the edge of the village. With its picturesque environment, the village was called "Fruit-Bearing Saint Szada" in the past. In the 1890s a studio was built here for Bertalan Székely uon the designs of Frigyes Schulek. Bertalan Székely's tomb made by Jenő Bory stands in the old Calvinist cemetary. Bertalan Székely Museum in the one-time atelier of the artist is open for the public. Other sights of the village include the Roman Catholic church and the chapel crypt of the Rudnyánszky family. From among the old mansions, Grassalkovich mansion (currently used as Parish Hall) can be visited in the centre of the village.

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