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The town plays a dominant role in the South-Buda Small Region. It is situated about 30 km from Budapest, along national motorway No. 6 running to Pécs, it has nearly 18,000 inhabitants. It might be surprising that a town known as an industrial settlement is recommended in a catalogue of tourism. Looking at the modern industrial town today, it is hard to believe that it has 4,000-year-old history. Due to its favourable geographical location, its protected territory and the beautiful landscape, it was inhabited as early as the neolithic age. In the territory of the town you can find the first and single open-air museum of ancient relics of Hungary, the Park of Archaeology, which presents findings from the Bronze and the Iron age. The everyday life, customs, personal belongings, ornaments and beliefs of our ancestors are presented in the open air museum.
The main square is decorated with a Catholic church designed by Imre Makovecz, a Calvinist church designed by József Finta, the Mythical stag ornamented well and a monumental statue of Saint Stephen. The Serbian orthodox church from the 18th century can be found in the older part of the town. Its iconostas is worth seeing. Our cultural programmes include: The Summerfest International Folk Dance Festival and Folk Art Fair in the middle of August, the Days of Batta and the International Festival of Brass Bands in September, the International Festival and Competition of Choirs in November. We offer various leisure time activities. A bath with 5 pools, a community centre, an indoor swimming pool, the picturesque Danube-bank, the mellow old town, cycle paths, fishing and horse riding spots await visitors.

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