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The more than 700 year-old town is situated in the south-west of county Pest, in the neighbourhood of Pest, on Csepel island. The name of the town refers to the patron saint of its church (St. Nicholas), while the ”sziget” part of the name comes from the world island referring to its geographical location. It is rich in natural beauties surrounded by the two branches of the Danube. The ecological study trail presenting the fauna and flora offers many sights to visitors. The Danube branch, along with the mine lakes attract anglers and the lovers of water sports. The town is multi-coloured from a relogious point of view, as apart from the Roman Catholic, the Greek Catholic and the Calvinist congregations, it also has a Baptist one. An outstanding sight is the 314 m high radio transmission tower at the border of the town, which was considered to be a unique, technical breakthrough at the beginning of the 20th century, but today it is a monument of industrial history. Its rich past is presented in the Collection of Local History of the town. The Jenő Ádám Memorial House preserves the documents of the composer’s life and career. Gyula Vitéz Somogyvári, the former director of the Hungarian radio had a holiday home here, on the wall of which you can see a memorial plaque today. The largest zither collection of Hungary, which is based on Imre Molnár’s bequest, is presented in the building of the Town Library and Community Centre.

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