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The village is situated along the national motorway No. 50, so it is accessible from Budapest and Kecskemét. It was separated from Örkény nearly half a decade ago and it was found thanks to the Pálóczi Horváth programme for the development of economy. The name is related with the artillery and infantry shooting ground, which the military treasury bought from the new owner of the Grassalkovich-manor, Pálóczi Horváth's mother-in-law in 1875/95. It was mentioned in records under the name of Baracken Lager in 1886, Lőtértábor (Shooting ground camp) in 1907 and Örkénytábor in 1926. Örkény was surrounded by a narrow strip of a shooting ground with drift sand in the south-west, and by Csurgay-farm, Pálóczi Horváth estate and other groups of residential districts in the south and south-east separated from the village by fields. Based on these parts a new settlement started to form at the beginning of the 20th century. It finally became an independent village in 1949. The name does not only refer to the shooting ground but also to the notion of the village. Today it has a population of 3.500 people.

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