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Village with the largest population along Alsó-Tápió, southwards of Jászberény, accessible on road 4 from Cegléd. People had lived there since the prehistoric age, as proven by a shield decoration, the famous Scythian golden deer, uncovered from a prince's grave on the fields of the village in 1923. The former Blaskovich mansion was destroyed in World War II however the chapel consecrated in honour of the Blessed Virgin stands in the graveyard of the family today, too. Art and music programmes are held in summer in the chapel with a lean tower built in 1764. The large Lutheran church built in neoclassic style is erected in the centre of the village, rebuilt in its current shape in the middle of the 19th century. Warm-water bath had been established on the fields of the village, providing pleasant opportunity of resting in summer.


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