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The name of the village was first mentioned in records in 1508, but archaelogical findings prove that the village already existed in the age of Avars and at the time of the Hungarian Conquest. On the way from Örkény to the village you can admire beautiful hills with primeval juniper groves. These silvery pine trees are wonderful sights when the sun is shining in the Hungarian Plain. Near the juniper groves, in the "valleys" and in the north-west you can see groups of grey poplar trees. Naturally this territory is the habitat for special birds and insects offering nice experiences for tourists. Near the village there is a Hungarian and international shooting ground. In the church garden a stone column can be seen carved by József Liebner to commemorate the troop of Prince Rákóczi, which camped in the village in 1710. In the middle of the village you can see the St. Wendelin Roman Catholic Church with an onion dome, the walls of which are divided by alettes. It was built in the middle of the 19th century, and it was rebuilt after World War II. Near the village it is worth visiting Sarlós-puszta offering the genuine atmosphere of Kiskunság with an inn, a riding school, a swimming pool, several guest rooms and a spacious restaurant awaiting individual visitors or groups.

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