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Settlement with 3,400 residents 20 km south of Hatvan, on the eastern border of Pest county. The St. Andrew church in the centre is from the Middle Ages. The shrine and most of the walls are of Gothic origin. Its present shape was formed during the reconstructions in 19th c. The flat roof of the tower was made in 1932. The Andrássy mansion houses a youth hostel of a foundation today. It was built in the 1880s and its interesting part is the wooden staircase, which is the copy of that of the Paris Opera. The 29,5 hectare park is still the home of many valuable plants. We can see there an interesting monument of the history of industry as well, a neo-Renaissance water tower. One of its most popular summer programmes is the Bavarian Beer Festival, where a 25 m high may-pole is set up by the men from the Bavarian sister village.

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