Village with 4,100 inhabitants next to Óbuda. One of its old names, the word 'örim ', in Turk language, as the derivative of the word 'őröl' (grind), refers to a place suitable for quarrying of millstones. The name 'Irm' (after 1690) refers to German settlers. The original settlers of Üröm were the Burgus, who were discharged soldiers of Roman watch-towers and veteran officers of Aquincum. They started flourishing agriculture, but it was destroyed by the Turks. The Germans who were settled around 1700 revived it. The village cherishes its past: they are still waiting for the return of the Germans who were deported after World War II. The Louis XVI. Greek orthodox sepulchral chapel of the wife of Palatine József, Alexandra Pavlovna, is from 1802. The Russian orthodox Church has a religious service on 17th July every year commemorating the execution of the tsar Romanov and his family. The village and its suroundings attract tourists who - walking on the Ezüst hill and at the Kevélyek and enjoying the wonderful landscape - can think that his boots thump on the ruins of the Attila castle which have been discovered recently in the vicinity of the village. The main industry of the village - as it is referred in its name - is quarrying and processing of stones. The Reneszánsz company, which deals with building and stone carving, and the Flingston quarry are known all over the country. The Forró Ltd. produce and renovate period furniture and furnishing. The nicest building in the village is the primary shool specialized in music and German named after Palatine József. It is an example of organic architecture. Private accommodations and two high standard campsites await visitors. Besides the folk art school there is a folk dance group of 100 persons and several cultural and nature conservation associations assist in the development of the village.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Üröm
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