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Rádió- és Televíziómúzeum

Address: 2049 Diósd, Rádióállomás, Kőbányai u. 11. -  map
P/F: +36 (23) 382-372


Discounts for students: 200 HUF

Discounts for pensioners: 200 HUF

Opening hours during the season: I.01.-XII.31.

Entrance fee: 400 HUF

Other information:

The museum opened on December 1, 1995, the 70th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Hungary, in the premises of Antenna Hungária's short-wave transmitter station at Diósd. The exhibition occupies what was the main transmitter room, with some smaller adjoining rooms. The park in front of the building contains an open-air display of some relics of Hungarian broadcasting (antennae etc.) Most of the exhibits in the museum consist of transmitter equipment, but there are also relics of studio and receiver equipment, shipping and military telecommunications, and radio and television. The museum is proud to possess the scientific legacy of the Hungarian Nobel prize-winning physicist György Békésy, a former postal engineer. This was returned from the United States, and now occupies two rooms. There is an audio-visual information system explaining the exhibition in detail.
There is a CD-ROOM, in English and Hungarian, covering the history of Hungarian radio broadcasting and receiver manufacturing. This is not for sale, but may be borrowed from the museum.

Rádió- és Televíziómúzeum - Diósd (Látnivaló: Múzeum)

Rádió- és Televíziómúzeum - Hungary - Diósd (Sight: Museum)

Rádió- és Televíziómúzeum - Ungarn - Diósd (Sehenswürdigkeit: Museum)

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