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Town with 16,250 inhabitants 35 km south of Debrecen on national highway No. 47. After Árpád's conquest of Hungary 14-15 villages were formed on the present area of Berettyóújfalu. with Herpály as their centre. The southern tower of the 13th century three-aisled monastery with double towers in the west and its excavated base can be seen even today. After World War I. the role of the settlement became more significant; new county hall, new school, hospital, house for a youth organization, residential area for civil servants were built in the 1920s. The Kabos Endre Sport stadium houses, besides sport events, the Bihari Shepherds' Days in October and the racing car exhibition after the rally - in November. The former town hall houses the Sinka István Town Library and the Bihari Museum. Besides the rich collection of local history and ethnography the works of the painters, Gyula Xantus and Sándor Kürthy are worth seeing. The National flag and the Millennial monument were unveiled in the year of the Millennium. The organ of the Protestant church used to be Ferenc Liszt's precious instrument. Berettyóújfalu is a town where medicinal tourism is to be developed. A small medicinal bath was formed in the Town Bath. The former pool of the youth was renewed and modernized. The range of services was extended; sauna, solarium, medicinal massage await visitors. The sodium hydrogen carbonite and metasilicic acid content of the medicinal water has siginificant effect; it is mainly recommended for locomotor disorders, but it is good for other diseases, too. The town awaits visitors with great hospitality. At present 3 pensions, restaurants and private accommodations provide high standard services for guests arriving either from Hungary or abroad.

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