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A small town of 8,580 inhabitants, surrounded by the rivers Tisza, Túr and Szamos, 20 km from the Romanian border. Its name refers to a conquering Hungarian tribe.
The natural values of the rich region of Szatmár are presented by the exhibition at the Regional Centre of the Szatmár-Bereg Nature Conservation Area. (Information: 00-36-44-510-035)
The Gothic Calvinist church with a wooden, shingled tower is guarding the town. It was built using the indemnitiy after the battle of Kenyérmező. The thermal bath of the town is situated in pleasant environment. The Hospital and Spa bath of Szatmár-Bereg awaits visitors with locomotor diseases with sodium chloride- hydrocarbonate medicinal pools and complex medical treatments.
(Information: 00-36-44-511-121)
An outstanding event is the Merry-making of Gyarmat held at the third weekend of August every year. The settlements of the Carpathian basin which have the suffix 'gyarmat' in their names are invited to this programme, which presents the life of the town during the Hungarian conquest.

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