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With a population of 9,371 and lying 36 km northwest of Debrecen, the town is the seat of the Greek Catholic bishop. Construction works of the existing church were started in 1610 and then two side-aisles were added in 1868. Artistically the iconostasis, which consists of 54 pictures, is the most valuable part of the church. The famous teacher, man of letters and cultural policy maker Demeter Görög, was born here, his statue is in front of the Town Hall. In the main square you can see the statue ’Jacob’s fight with the angel’ by Imre Varga. The equestrian statue of Bocskai by Lajos Győrfi was unveiled in 2006. The medicinal water of the open-air bath breaks out from a depth of 1,000 m. Two outstanding events, both attracting many visitors, are the consecration of the unleavened bread at Easter and the patronal festival of Máriapócs. The town feast is celebrated on 8th June. Great series of celebration are held on August 20th, the feast of King Saint Stephen.

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