Town of county rank with 78,000 inhabitants, 100 km east of Budapest, where the rivers Tisza and Zagyva meet, at the water, land and railway junction of the Great Hungarian Plaint. It is connected with the capital by main road No. 4 and a busy railway line.

It is an administrative, economic, cultural, tourism, educational and medical centre, with favourable transport conditions. Transport on water is provided by the river Tisza. The town has a sports and military airport.

The town offers various cultural programmes. It is famous for its colony of artists, the nationally significant Szigligeti Theatre, the Gallery with exhibitions of fine arts and applied arts, and the János Damjanich Museum. The Ferenc Verseghy County Library is an important educational centre. The musical life of the town is significant with choirs and folk dance groups. In the beautiful environment of Tiszaliget you can find a sports stadium, a modern sports hall, several tennis, handball and volleyball courts as well as the bath of Tiszaliget with chutes and an aquapark awaiting those who prefer healthy relaxation.

On the bank of the dead channel of the river Tisza a kayak-canoe course was built, which is suitable for organizing international championships, and it is also the most important basis of this successful sport in the town, which can be proud of its world champions.
At the Tisza-bridge, on the side of the town you can find the Damjanich Swimming Pool, the national centre of swimming and water polo.

On the bank of the river Tisza, in the middle of the former 10 acre park of Versailles style, the Tisza Hotel and Medicinal Bath was built in 1928. The thermal water found here is excellent for curing rheumatic and locomotor diseases and relieving stomach problems.

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