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Village with 646 inhabitants 13 kms east of Vásárosnamény, on road No. 41. Its name of Slavic origin, meaning 'black water', was given after the watercourse, now called Csaronda. The village, first mentioned in 1299, was owned by the Csarnavoda family of the Káta clan in the Middle Ages. In the 14th century Csaroda was the venue of the general assemblies of Bereg county.
Sights include: 13th century Calvinist church with original frescoes and 17th century coffered ceiling; shingled belfry built in 1855 and the mud-and-daub walled House of Regional Traditions. The whole administrative area of the settlement is under protection, Lake Báb, Lake Nyíres, Lake Navad and Bence and Lake Csaronda are highly protected.

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