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Town with 13,200 inhabitants. It was already inhabited in the neolithic age. It is proved by the copper pickaxes, grinding stones and remains of fireplaces. Its name is recorded in old documents in several forms. According to János Jeney Hatház means 'the house of armies' or castle beyond the river Tisza. The settlement became a 'hajdú' town according to István Bocskai's charter dated from 12th December 1605 in Korpona. The middle class started to develop in Hadház in the second half of the 19th century. It received the rank of town on 1st March 1989 by the name of Hajdúhadház. The two-steepled Calvinist church, which was built in 1872, is the symbol of the town. Other sights: the Town Hall, which was built in 1912 as a hotel, the exhibition of the Hortobágy Creative camp in the Dr. Földi János primary and art school, the memorial house of the painter, Imre Égerházi, the house of local history, the memorial house of Dr. János, Földi and Dániel Szilágyi's house of birth.

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