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Madárkórház Alapítvány


Opening hours during the season: 9:00 – 18:00

Other information:

The "Show-Hospital" and Bird Saving Exhibition is an interesting tourist attraction of Hortobágy. With the help of professional guides, visitors can see how the hospital works by looking at the stuffed birds in natural environment, along with original x-ray machines, video films and they can also learn what people can do to save injured birds. Visitors get information about the dangers threatening natural communities as well as about ways of prevention. The treated birds can be watched continuously as their flying and their behaviour in their natural environment is being broadcast live.
Apart from these we offer:
- bird saving camp (for children and adults)
- letting the recovered birds free: 20 August. - Bridge fair, 29 August. Open day to the public - on the occassion of the County Hunters' Day.

Madárkórház Alapítvány - Hortobágy (Látnivaló: Nemzeti park)

Madárkórház Alapítvány - Hungary - Hortobágy (Sight: National Park)

Madárkórház Alapítvány - Ungarn - Hortobágy (Sehenswürdigkeit: Nationalpark)

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