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It was built in 1890 in the style of historicism. It serves as an old people's home today.
This branch of the family lived in the mansion in the Orczy-garden of Pest until 1829, when the territory was bought by the royal treasury for military purposes. Then the family chose Újszász to be the place of the new residence, next to which a greenhouse was built, where they placed the plants, such as the especially beautiful orange trees brought with them from the famous Orczy-garden. During the revolution of 1848-49 the steward of the Orczy manor in Újszász was poet Mihály Vörösmarty's brother, János Vörösmarty; when the poet had to escape after the collapse of the war of independence, he hid himself in the Orczy manor using a false name, Miklós Vadász. Poet József Bajza also hid himself in the manor.

Orczy-kastély - Újszász (Látnivaló: Látnivaló)

Orczy-kastély - Hungary - Újszász (Sight: Sight)

Orczy-kastély - Ungarn - Újszász (Sehenswürdigkeit: Sehenswürdigkeit)

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