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Veres Péter Művelődési Központ


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The institution has two main functions including music education of high standard and large-scale presentation of cultural values.
Outstanding programmes: "Evening at the Mansion garden" summer festival and the "National Trumpet Camp" in the week before 20th August. Apart from study circles and clubs it offers the inhabitants cultural programmes such as 5-6 exhibitions every year, theatre performances for adults and children in the theatre, which can seat 450 people.

Veres Péter Művelődési Központ - Balmazújváros (Látnivaló: Művelődési ház)

Veres Péter Művelődési Központ - Hungary - Balmazújváros (Sight: Cultural Centre)

Veres Péter Művelődési Központ - Ungarn - Balmazújváros (Sehenswürdigkeit: Kulturhaus)

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