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The name of the settlement originates from the word "daróc" ("game catcher"). Probably there used to live royal hunters in the village in the 12th century and the name comes from this. Beregdaróc was mentioned as church village between 1332-35 in the register of tithes of Pápa. The village has been Calvinist since the 16th century. The present stone church used to be a church from Árpád's era, it was rebuilt in 1465. The church had to be rebuilt several times because of earthquakes and fire, it was restored into its original form between 1991-94. The modest Daróc pension awaits visitors offering reasonable prices, while the 'Hét Csillag' resort-hotel meets higher demands with exclusive services for guests longing for relaxation and recreation. There is a fishing pond of several hectares surrounded by trees near the village. The picturesque surroundings are ideal for relaxation. You can visit Lake Báb here, which is the southest bog in Europe.

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