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Village with about 3,100 inhabitants in the south-west of county Hajdú-Bihar, on the edge of Nagysárrét, 60 km from Debrecen, 17 km from Püspökladány (and national highway No. 42). The village was built on a flood plain, traces of rills and fluents can be identified in the structure of the settlement. It was first mentioned in records in 1215 as two villages, Nagybajom and Kisbajom. Local traditions are revived by Interplan Ltd., where matted and raphia personal articles and ornaments are made by hand. The 19,000 ha territory of the Dózsa Hunting Company is rich in roe-deers and small game, and in the village you can find a thermal well with mineral water of 49 °C. Sights include: Sándor Szűcs Memorial House, Smithery Museum, monument Reformed church, Village House, several cottages.

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