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The village of 2,238 inhabitants is situated in county Bihar, at the delta of the rivers Berettyó and Sebes-Körös. It was first mentioned in the Regestrum of Nagyvárad under the name Chytmen in 1219. It was a village where Cumans settled down. The territory is rich in birds and game. This is the natural habitat for the largest bird in Europe, the bustard. The largest rutting place of bustards in the Bihari plain can be found here. The most typical herbs are the quinsy-wort, the marsh-thistle and the fescue. Every year sea-eagles from northern Europe come here to winter. Its historical monuments are the ruins of church walls, tombs, coins from the age of Árpád, and the greatest archaelogical finding was a golden bracelet, which is one of the 36 pieces that have been found in the Carpathian basin. This kind of jewellery can be found only in royal seats.

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