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Földes is a large village on the edge of Hajdúság, in the north-east of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 km from Budapest and 20 km from Hajdúszoboszló. It was first mentioned in records in the Váradi Regestrum. Its medieval church was built in honour of Saint Stephen as it was mentioned in records in 1483. In the 16th century it was under Turkish rule. In 1560 pasha Szejdi destroyed a part of the village, which regained its privileges at the end of the century by favour of János Szapolyai. According to the 17th century documents of Szabolcs, the village was given curial noble privileges. The village is proud of its sights: Leisure centre and an open bath, sports courts of the Leisure Centre, romantic accommodation (6 semi-detached wooden houses with all comfort) and a camping site Its medicinal water is a real treasure with excellent medicinal qualities, with a high salt content it is an alkali-chlorid, iodine, bromine thermal water. Sights include: the building of the local council and the Calvinist church with a beautiful interior and exterior. Several famous people were born here and lived here, who played an important role in the history of Hungarian culture: János Balásházy in the 19th century, who fought for the existence of the Hungarian Scientists' Society, the writer and music critic of tragic fate, Géza Csáth in the 20th century, Sándor Karácsony, the famous philosopher and pedagogist, Imre Karacs in the 1930s (director of the New York Hungarian Theatre). Our outstanding artists Gabriella Birizdó, painter, with her enamel pictures, there is a growing interest in the paintings by Anna Mária N. Bere, an artist and teacher who was awarded regional and national prizes, and Mária Antos, folk artist, who makes dolls from husks. Outstanding events: the Day of Földes on 14th of April , the May festival on the 1st of May, the Village day saying farewell to summer and the vintage procession and ball on the last Saturday of September.

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