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Town with almost 20,000 inhabitants northwest of Debrecen, Sights in the main square "reminiscent of the solar structure" include the Calvinist church from the beginning of the 18th century; Town Hall, reminiscent to a synagogue, built at the turn of the century with one of the most beautiful statues of Kossuth in front of it; the Cultural Centre, originally built as a hotel at the end of the 19th century, a full size statue of István Bocskai. There are several peasant and civic houses in the inner district of the town including the neoclassical House of Regional Traditions from the end of the 18th century with an authentic interior and courtyard characteristic of a peasant middle-class household and the "Homeland" collection. The first ostrich farm in Hungary can be found here. There is a thermal bath suitable for the therapy of rheumatic and gynecological diseases. A wide range of therapeutical services with regular medical attention awaits visitors in the indoor bath. More information in the Tourinform office.

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