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Large village with 3,255 inhabitants 20 kms south-west of Debrecen. The 27 hectare nature conservation area in the vicinity of the rivers Kösely and Ürmös is rich in fishes and birds. It was first mentioned in documents as a church village in 1332-37 in the pontifical records of tithes. It adopted the name, Hajdúszovát one hundred years ago. Several unexplored tumuli can be found on the confines of the village. Listed monuments of the village: the rampart with 10 loop-holes built in the 17th century, the neo-Classical Calvinist church built in 1785-87 with its 39 m high neo-Baroque tower and the parsonage from 1794. Beautiful relic of folk architecture is the field-guard's house. The village museum in the parsonage presents old personal belongings and the souvenirs of the 110-year-old Kodály Choir. The Szovát Days have been held each year since 1993. Choir concerts, exhibitions, lectures and a procession are organized. It has a mutual cultural relationship with its partner town in Romania, Magyarszovát.

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