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Village on the left bank of the Zagyva, 7 kms from Jászberény, by road 32. It was first mentioned in the 1400s. It was first mentioned in documents in 1449. It has been a member of all rights of the region Jászság since the 16th century. The Roman Catholic church was rebuilt in 1765. Its homogeneous baroque style, the special lute-shaped windows, the beautiful pictures of the stations of the Cross make it unique among the churches of the surroundings. The chapel on the confines of the village was built in 1831. Its Mezolithic dwelling house is the oldest building of the Great Hungarian Plain. The local history collection is in the village museum in Úttörő street. The area surrounded by the dead channel of the Zagyva is a nature reserve with rich flora and fauna. The 300-400-year-old oaks trees are of special interest. There are excellent hunting and fishing facilities. The village festivity is on the first Sunday of August. On 11 November, a festival of St. Martin’s day is held.

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