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A town of 6,600 inhabitants along main road No. 4, 190 km from Budapest and 35 km from Debrecen. It was first mentioned in the Regestrum of Várad in 1213, but archaelogical findings in the 1970s proved that it was populated as early as the age of Avars. It became a town on 1st of July 2003. In 1857 a meteorite fell in the area near the village. This scientific curiousity containing organic substances can make extra-terrestrial existence possible. The water in its public bath was declared to be medicinal water in 2002 owing to the iodine and bromine content.
Sights include: monument Town Hall and the Calvinist church, 100-year-old oak trees. The view of Dögös-puszta (Dögös wild plain) is similar to that of Hortobágy. The largest and the most modern sugar factory of Middle-Europe is situated here. The Community centre, where programmes preserve and form traditions, was named after Sándor Mácsai, who was one of the famous people born here.

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