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It was first mentioned in records in 1181. Erdőhát of Szatmár was destroyed by the Mongols in 1717 and they burnt down the church, too. Later the brick church from the 15th century was rebuilt and a separate, simple, thickset belfry was connected to it in the first half of the 18th century. The richly decorated sounding board of the pulpit, which is divided into three levels, was built later. The bench with a baldachin with similar decorations and the gallery with rococo elements were probably built at that time, too. The original Gothic stone grate can still be seen on the window of the sanctuary. The door frame of the southern entrance has also preserved its late Gothic character. Above it in the eastern direction there are two 18th century windows with a Renaissance stone board between them with a coat of arms and an inscription, which is surrounded by baroque leaf decorations and ornamental carvings with plants. In the northern wall of the multangular sanctuary you can find a mediaeval ciborium.

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