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Town with 12,500 inhabitants in the middle of the Great Plain, next to national highway No. 4. The Baroque Calvinist church with balconies (1788) was rebuilt in neo-Classic style. The neo-Classical Town Hall is a historic monument. The author, Zsigmond Móricz, attended the secondary school of the town. The Ethnographical Exhibition Hall (Morgó Csárda = Grumbling Inn) was built in 1781, its arched verandah and gateway to the cellar retain the characteristics of Baroque style. The artists' retreat is named after the sculptor Lajos Papi, who lived and worked in this building, a part of his works and collection can be seen here. The War Memorial to commemorate the victims of World War II. is the joint work of the sculptors and brothers, Sándor and Lajos Győrfi. The statue of the poet János Arany and that of Zsigmond Móricz (works by Árpád Somogyi and József Ispánki respectively) are both erected in front of the Town Hall. The open-air bath is an important institution for holiday making and medicinal treatment. Tennis and volleyball courts, football fields and also an area suitable for camping are available in the bath.

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