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Kölcse is situated in the easternmost corner of Hungary, 20 km east of Fehérgyarmat, not far from the Ukranian-Hungarian border station at Tiszabecs. It is accessible on main road No. 491 between Győrtelek and Tiszabecs. It was built on the island surrounded by the river Túr and its branch called Eszteró. It was mentioned in records as early as the 12th-13th centuries. It always played a dominant role in the region, in the Middle Ages it served as a custom gathering place of the trade route leading to Munkács. In the 1700-1800s it became the manorial centre of the Kölcsey family. Its significance was maintained later, too, as the chief constable’s office and the office of district-notary operated here and it became the seat of the common council of the large village. The inhabitants mainly deal with agricultural activities or they are employed in the industrial plants which were founded from the subsidiary enterprices of the former co-operative. A lot of the residents commute to the centre of the district, to Fehérgyarmat. The Calvinist church from the 15th century and the wooden bell-tower form the 18th century both contribute to the special atmosphere of the settlement lying on the bank of the winding river Öreg Túr. A guest house can be found in the centre of Kölcse. The mansion was built as a summer residence by chamberlain Dr Zoltán Medve in 1905. It still has a huge garden where the 120-year-old trees, the small botanical garden and the massive, old building, which is called a mansion by the locals, all reflect the chamberlain’s sense of beauty. Seeing its beauty it is clear why the lord and his wife chose this mansion lying on the islands of the Túr as a summer residence and place for relaxation. Visit the Medve mansion with your family and your friends and relax here, in the most beautiful countryside of Szatmár.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Kölcse
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