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The village is situated 30 km from Debrecen, the county seat of county Hajdú-Bihar, on the right bank of the river Kék-Kálló. It is accessible on road No. 47 or by rail on the Debrecen-Nagykereki line. Its history goes back to the 10th century, to the period when Hungarians settled here, it was mentioned in several records in the Regestrum of Várad as the village of Ákos folk. The majority of the population is Calvinist and speaks Hungarian. The Calvinist church was built in the 13th century, its nave outside the tower was rebuilt between 1741 and 1744. Its territory is rich in small game, the hunting company deals with commissioned hunting, too. Its untouched meadows with sea lavenders and its reed-beds are beautiful. Most of the population deals with growing plants and breeding animals to earn their living.

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