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A settlement in the region of the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. It was formed when two villages, Márok and Márokpapi were united. The first part of the name comes from a Hungarian proper name, Márk, the second part, ´papi´ refers to the priests of Tarpa meaning the estate of the priest. It was first mentioned in records in 1356. The present-day church was probably built in the 14th century in Gothic style. The church has an oriented, square ended, cross vaulted sanctuary. On its western main front there is a pointed entrance with a profilated Gothic stone frame and shouldered opening. The door wings are from the 18th century. Above the door there is circular window, on the western corners of the nave there are two two-section transversal wide buttresses. The triumphal arch is semicircular, the sanctuary is cross vaulted and is built with ribs on rilled, pyramidal consoles and a boss. In the northern wall of the sanctuary there is a pastophorium. Its wall paintings were revealed during the restoration work which started in 1999. A few metres in front of the western front you can see a 15 m high square wooden belfry built in 1882.

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