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Town with 7,411 inhabitants 20 km south of Szolnok on the left bank of the river Tisza. One of the youngest villages in county Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok, it became an independent village in 1950, a large village in 1970, and it became a town in 1989. Its dynamic development is due to the industrial plants situated here. The modern town centre, as well as the town hall, the Catholic and the Calvinist churches were built within a short period of time. In St. Stephen square you can see the first statue of St. Stephen in the county, the monument of the War of Independence of 1848-49, and Időkapu (Time Gate) millennium monument by sculptor Ferenc Gyurcsek - awarded a Munkácsy prize - living in the village. In the vicinity you can go hunting, fishing, or enjoy the sodium-hydrogen-carbonate thermal and medicinal water of the town. The Kastélyszálló (Mansion hotel) near the river Tisza offers pleasant accommodation to visitors. The picturesque countryside of the banks of the river Tisza is ideal for water sports.

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