A small town with over 9,000 inhabitants 18 km from Hajdúszoboszló. It is the western gate of the Hortobágy National Park, which is part of the world heritage. The centre of Nádudvar offers many sights to visitors. An outstanding monument is the Baroque Protestant Church built in 1774. The Classicist Roman Catholic Church was erected in 1819. In the building of the Protestant parish you can find a permanent exhibition of church history. The town is rich in relics of old folk culture, the folk crafts and shepherd's arts are preserved here. The folklore of Nádudvar became famous by the "art of fire and earth", by making black ceramics. An attraction of Ady square is the community centre, which is an old mellow building of the county as far as its architecture and its facilities are concerned. The medicinal thermal water of the bath is offered not only for those who wish to recover from locomotor diseases, but also for visitors who would like to relax in quiet, peaceful environment. If you prefer active holidays, you can go for a ride in a carriage, or horse-riding. Near the town there is a fishing paradise and you can go hunting, as well. The town offers three places with public accommodation and several private houses for tourists.

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