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Village 74 km from Nyíregyháza. It was first mentioned in records in 1312. The first part of the name 'nagy' distinguishes it from the name of the neighbouring village called Kisar. The second part, 'ar' probably refers to a proper name, 'Ar(ad)' meaning a lord. It had several landowners throughout its history. From the beginning of the 19th century it had been owned by the Luby family from Benedekfalva for about 150 years, from the end of the century the family of Elemér Kende from Kölcse became dominant in the village.
Sights: Lutheran church, Luby Géza castle, House of Regional Traditions, Petőfi's tree. It is on the route of Tisza-tour between Tiszabecs and Szeged. The settlement is part of the Szatmár-Bereg Nature Reserve.

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