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Village with 2,270 inhabitants in the north-east of Nyírség, 60 km from Nyíregyháza. It can be reached on a small road branching from the road No. 41. One of the oldest settlements of the county. It was first mentioned in documents around 1219. The first inhabitants were watchmen who guarded the nearby border area and informed people about the arrival of enemies with drums beating. It started to develop as the property of the Perényi family. In 1421 it got the right to hold fairs. There is only one street with gardens in front of the houses. The neo-Classical Perényi mansion with eclectic decorations was built in 1808. At present it is a primary school and dormitory for handicapped children. The sepulchral chapel belonging to the mansion is late Romantic with neo-Gothic interior. The Calvinist church was built between 1894 and 1902 on the site of the old church. Its organ was made by Sándor Országh in 1910. The oldest houses have mud walls, the roofs supported by rafters are covered with thatch. There are verandas with wooden pillars in front of the rooms facing the street in several of the three-piece houses. The pumpkin festival, which is held annually, has made the village known in Hungary and abroad.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Nagydobos
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