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Nagykálló, which became a town again in 1989, is a town with a past in the sandy region of Nyírség, in the neighbourhood of Nyíregyháza. A small town with 10,000 inhabitants. Famous people were born in the town such as Izsak Eizik Taub, the "miracle-rabbi", József Simonyi, the "bravest cavalryman", medical professor Frigyes Korányi, painter Imre Ámos, who was martyred, Péter Görömbei, who was a clergyman-dean, historian and preacher, who was a friend of Zoltán Kodály and Zsigmond Móricz, and Antal Szabó, the teacher, who recorded the choreography of the Hungarian dance called Kállai Kettős. József Ratkó, the poet lived here until his death in 1989. The visitors of the school-town can admire the building of the former county hall and the monument Calvinist church. You can visit the tomb of the miracle rabbi and the house where Frigyes Korányi was born. In István Szilágyi Memorial House you can find the Ethnographical Collection of Nagykálló. The thermal bath offers recreation. You can learn the history of the Ínségdomd ('the hill of poverty'), and you can visit Harangod, where you can enjoy the wonderful buildings by Dezső Ekler, the architect representing the Makovecz-school, and the works made by the participants of the camp of preserving traditions.

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