A village of 3,810 inhabitants in county Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, 12 km east of Nyíregyháza. It is surrounded by sand hills. The largest hill of the middle part of county Szabolcs called Golyóbis can be found here. The settlement was first mentioned in records in 1231. According to the archeological data the village had been here before the Mongol invasion. The mediaeval mansion of the Kállay family can be found here, where Miklós Jósika, Erzsébet Kállay's husband, one of the founders of Hungarian novel writing, lived and worked. In 2005 the elementary school was named after Miklós Jósika and a statue of the count living in the village was also unveiled at the same time. The monument Roman Catholic church of early Gothic origin was built in the 13th century, it was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1762 and extended in 1948. The orthodox church from the 17th century is a late neo-Classical single-aisled village church. Near the village, on the top of Golyóbis hill the radar-meteorological observatory of the National Meteorological Service can be found with a nice view of the countryside. The 300 ha forest-range was opened in 1999. One of the most modern forest-ranges of Europe with boars and brockets awaits hunters.

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