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The economic, cultural, educational and sports centre of the South-Nyírség Ligetalja region, Nyíradony is situated in the north-east of county Hajdú-Bihar, 26 km from Debrecen, along the secondary main road No. 471. It became a town in 1992 and it is the most dynamically developed town of the region with a population of nearly 8,100 people. Aradványpuszta, Tisztavíz, Tamásipuszta, Nyeste-kert and Szakolykert belong to the town administratively. Its unique natural value is the Gúthi wood near the town, which is the largest continuous wood of the Great Hungarian Plain with special stock of game and forest. Important botanical values can be found in the riding and fishing centre of Penyige-farm, such as the 150-year-old hackberry (Celtis) and the 250-year-old oak tree (Quercus Robur) in Inner Gúth. A special protected monument is the Pusztatemplom, the ruin church built in the age of Árpád in the 11th century. The specially designed sports hall and the swimming pool, which is suitable for organising international sports events, was named after the boxing champion of the Olympic Games of Berlin in 1936, Imre Harangi, who was born in the town. An outstanding event in the town is the Ligetalja Days organised on the last weekend of July. This is the largest sports and cultural series of programmes in the region. The Folk Music Festival of County Hajdú-Bihar is held annually on the first weekend of December, which is the largest event in the region preserving traditions. Every year, on the first Saturday of January the Day of the Town is held, where people celebrate the New Year by a big ceremony and tombola. Beautiful hunting houses and guest houses offer conference facilities and opportunities for hunting, horse-riding and fishing.

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