Town with 13, 802 residents in the centre of the region called Nyírség. It is rich in mediaeval monuments. István Báthory, the voivode from Transylvania had the two Gothic churches built between 1484 and 1511. The Calvinist church is considered to be the most beautiful single-nave church in Hungary, its late-Gothic net vault and the Renaissance decorations are certainly admirable sights. As the burial place of the Báthory family, it is one of the important memorial places of Hungarian history. Its bell-tower is 33 m high, a belfry with small towers built around 1640. The altars in the church of the Minors built in the 18th century are certainly the most important works of baroque art in Hungary, the most famous of which is the Krucsay-altar. The former monastery of the Minors houses the István Báthory Museum presenting a rich collection of local history. This heritage and the historical atmosphere make Nyírbátor a cultural town with programmes of long traditions. The unforgettable moments of the Music Days, the programmes of the magnificent Week of the Winged Dragon by the unique International Street Theatre Festival, the Rhythm and Blues Festival and the motorcyclists´ meeting have deservedly made the town well-known in Hungary and abroad. The thermal bath, the water of which is ideal for treating locomotor diseases, offers relaxation and recreation to visitors from spring to autumn in beautiful environment. Lake Szénarét nearby is popular with fishermen. Discover Nyírbátor, you are welcome in our town!

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