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Town with 16,886 inhabitants south of Hortobágy on national highway No. 4. The late Baroque Calvinist church was built in 1792. The lifework of the engraver and name-giver, local history materials and railway history items are shown in the Ferenc Karacs Museum. The works of the sculptor Lajos Győrfi can be seen in the public places of the town. Holiday makers are offered hunting opportunities, hunting lodge and anglers' Paradise. Those fond of equestrian sports can choose from the varied programmes of the local riding club. There are several tumuli both in the inner area and the outskirts of the town, the most famous of them is Our Lady tumulus, on which the remains of a chapel from the age of the Árpáds can be seen. The medicinal thermal water of the bath is suitable for curing locomotor diseases. The medicinal bath of the town was formally opened in August 2003 and it started to operate in September offering physico-therapy, electro- and hydrotherapy, balneotherapy treatments, massage, sauna and solarium. A unique sight is the alkali soil experimental forest with an 80-year-old botanic garden. The nature reserve in Ágota-puszta belongs to the town and it is part of the Hortobágy National Park. The monument Saint Ágota wooden bridge crossing the river Hortobágy-Berettyó is worth visiting.

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