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It is situated 75 km from Nyíregyháza on the road No. 491 on the Szatmári plain. It was first mentioned in a document of the monastery of Cégény in 1181 under the name Sonkád. The present-day church was probably built at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. The Csaholyi family played an important role in the spread of Calvinism. The end of the 16th century was a stormy period in the life of the village. Sonkád was attacked by the Turkish troops, later by the Transylvanian and the royal Hungarian troops. In the Tatar invasion in 1717 the church roof was burnt down and the Gothic vault of the sanctuary was destroyed. The restoration started in the 1750s. In 1766 a painted coffered ceiling and a gallery were built. In 1795 the first architecture, the ceiling and the gallery were rebuilt. In 1803 a decision was made on the building of a tower. The building work was slowed down by financial problems but finally it was completed in 1824. The multangular sanctuary of the oriented church was originally covered with vault. There were windows only on the southern side. In the north-eastern wall of the sanctuary a decorated carved ciborium can be found. On the northern wall of the sanctuary you can find the stone frame of the sacristy door. The L shaped gallery, i.e. fitting into the northern and southern sides of the nave, and the coffered ceiling are decorated with rich ornamental plant motifs. Symbolic elements can also be found in the linear presentations. The complete restoration of the building was finished in 1998, which was awarded a Europe Nostra prize.

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