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It was first mentioned in records in the 14th century. The present-day church next to the bank of the winding river Szamos was probably built in the second half of the 14th century. The open-plan church ends with three sides of an octagon, its southern and eastern fronts are decorated with five Gothic windows, its gate is at the western front. The walls of the steep roofed building is divided by staired buttresses. From the 16th century it was owned by the Calvinist church. In 1865 the roof and the furnishings were destroyed by a fire, the present-day pulpit and the furniture were completed by 1867. In the restoration of the monument church the roof of the mediaeval building was rebuilt and covered with shingles. A special feature of the noble, simple yet impressive church is the open-timber roof closing the interior. The monument restoration was awarded the international Europe Nostra prize in 1997.

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