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A village of 2,207 inhabitants with several streets and long plots of land. Before the 16th century it had been owned by the Berczeli family. György Bessenyei, the leading figure of the Hungarian Enlightenment was born here, his house of birth was built in 1630. He spent his childhood in the village and was farming here for several years. The memorial house presents the important stages of his life. Going on the road marked with a sign of the ferry of Tiszabercel you can get to the pumping station built in 1896, which is an industrial monument. When the water level of the river Tisza was low, the lock-gate let the water flow into the river, when the level was high, the water was pumped out. The port of Bercel provided the Romanian and Ruthenian raftsmen with accommodation. The wicker produced in the willow groves was used for making hedge walls, baskets, hurdles, cribs. Lajos Pósa was a teacher in the village, who became famous for his children's poems. The lake in the settlement is a popular place for fishing.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Tiszabercel
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