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Village with 303 inhabitants in the northeastern edge of the country on the river Tisza. The village, Csécse on the Tiszahát in Szatmár was mentioned in a document issued in 1181 on the occasion of the inspection of the landmarks by the convent of Cégény. During the 11th century the village was owned by several noble families of Szatmár county. At the end of the 13th century it was the property of the Kölcsey family. The houses were built along the only street which follows the bend of the Tisza. The Calvinist church, built in 1820-22 and the belfry from 1822, renovated after a stroke of lightning in 1968, can be found in the middle of the street in a reel-like widening. The Móricz family had lived in Tiszacsécse since 1780. Zsigmond Móricz was born here. The furnishings in the house are items of folk art from the beginning of the century and the bronze statue of the author, a work of Imre Varga, was erected in the courtyard.

Polgármesteri Hivatal, Tiszacsécse
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