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Town with 12,000 inhabitants downstream from Szolnok at the northern gateway of Tiszazug. It has been inhabited since the middle Bronze age. The name, Thyzafeudwar (1467), comes from the one-time earthwork. It is one of the cultural, economic, commercial and administrative centres of the region of Tiszazug. It got the rank of town in 1993. The Calvinist church (1788) and the Lutheran church (1860) were built in Baroque and late neo-Classical style. The Roman Catholic church named after Saint Stephen was built in 1894. Other sights: the copy of the shroud of Turin in the Roman Catholic church in Homok, Gött mansion, Kossuth statue (1914), Kossuth memorail tablet, the Károly Somogyi monument (2000), József Hajnóczy's bust, the monument of the martyrs of Arad, the martyrs of the revolution in 1956 and the heroes of world War I. and II., Tabán (part of the settlement). Exhibitions include the Geographical Museum of Tiszazug. The open-air batch was built on the 74 degree C thermal well.

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