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A village of 800 inhabitants in the north-east of county Szabolcs-Szatmár, near the Hungarian-Ukrainian border. The river Tisza here is a border river, the opposite bank belongs to Ukraine. It was first mentioned in records in 1344 under the name of 'Chorod'. It can either refer to the name of the plant called 'kóró' or to the word 'góró-góré' meaning a watch-post. In the 13th century the village was owned by the Kölcsey family. The Gothic Reformed church was built in the 15th century. It was rebuilt in the middle of the 1700s. The rustic, Baroque interior of the church is from the beginning of the 19th century. Go along the dam of the river Tisza downstream and you can get to the famous sight of the vicinity, the Bukógát ('fill dam'). Spilling over the dam the water of the Túr-channel forms a fine curtain of water, the view of which can be enjoyed by those who arrive here on river tours, by people camping in the neighbouring nut tree grove or by hikers.

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