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Town with about 15,000 inhabitants at the meeting of Nyírség and Hajdúság, 25 kms west of Nyíregyháza. The various architectural styles give the settlement its own character. The history of the Calvinist church on the hill surrounded by bastioned wall goes back to the Middle Ages. The local name of the bastions with embrasures is 'kásamáté'. The promenade at the building leads to the one-time arched parsonage with verandah which has been converted into a museum. Now it presents the unique values of folk art, Árpád's age and the history of industry. The Roman Catholic church has neo-Gothic characteristics, while the iconostas of Miklós church is an example of Baroque ornamentation. There are two nice Classicist mansions in the town. The Dessewffy mansion is a hostel at present, the renovated facade and the surrounding park are very impressive. The fivefold parted Classicist building of the Dogály mansion and its wrought iron gate are also of great value. The life-size statue by the sculptor, Lajos Bíró was made in memory of the great son of the town, Pál Vasvári. The 65 degrees C water of the town bath gushing out from the depth of 1175 m has good effect on locomotor, rheumatic and gynaecological disorders. The town is planning to establish a thermal bath complex which meets the highest standards of medicinal tourism. At present 3 pools, pummel, massage, campsite, boating lake, a lot of sport facilities and youth camp await visitors. The cultural and sport programmes of the town attract a lot of visitors from the county. The Fehér-szik, with the flora and fauna of the largest still water in the Hajdúhát, give unforgettable experience to lovers of nature.The town is networked by riding and cycling tour routes.

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