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Town with 23,000 inhabitants east of Szolnok, on national highway No. 4. The late baroque Calvinist church was completed by 1789. The Calvary chapel with the wall paintings from Kalocsa and with the sculpture of Virgin Mary, which was presented to the village by Pope Pius XII, is a place of pilgrimage. The river Tisza, which touches the outskirts of the town, show its original beauty here, which was not affected by human activities and it also offers opportunities for summer bathing and fishing. Some parts of the Middle-Tisza nature conservation area can also be found here. The 60° C medicinal water of the town bath is popular, it is mainly recommended for the treatment of rheumatic, gynaecological and internal disorders. The events in the town include the Whitsun Festivity in June, the traditional folk programme called the Days of Szentmiklós in July and the series of events called St. Stephen’s day in August. In the Community Centre of the Town the so-called Szalmagaléria (Straw Gallery) can be visited all year round, the collection of which is unique in Hungary.

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