Túrkeve is a town of 10,100 inhabitants in Nagykunság. It is the town of sunshine, medicinal water, tumuli, the nature of puszta and the island of curing peace. An important natural value of the town is the thermal water of 72 °C, which is ideal for rheumatic, arthritic, dermatological and gynaecological diseases and for rehabilitation after operations. In the building you can find a medicinal bath with benches and an open-air medicinal bubble bath, which provide recovery and recreation all year round. The bath awaits visitors with a swimming pool, a beach, children's pools, a pleasure pool with pounding, chutes, bubble bath and with all sorts of sports facilities. Once the town was surrounded by untouched natural beauties most of which have been preserved. The Ecsegpuszta Nature Reserve next to the town - which is part of the Kőrös-Maros National Park - offers excellent opportunities for cycling, walking or horse riding. Attractions include the Finta Museum, the permanent exhibition of Cumanian embroidery in the Community Centre, the Gyöngyösház (House of Beads), the Millennium memorial park, the village museum of wells, a memorial park of 1848, an exhibition of tomb stones in the cemetery. Outstanding events of the town: A scientific conference held in February in memory of ecologist professor Dr. János Balogh. The Kevi Festival of Shepherds is held at the third weekend of May, with national championship of sheep-shearing and various folk art and cultural programmes. Ho-Va-Te Exhibition of Fishing, Hunting and Environmental Protection and the Day of the Town held annually at the beginning of September intend to focus on the importance of environmental protection, and the relationship between hunting, fishing and the protection of nature with special exhibitions, professional lectures and shows. On the Day of the Town civil organizations are introduced with their various activities.

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