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It is located 17 kms south of Nyíregyháza. The Nagy Vadas Lake - which is ideal for fishing - can be found north of the town. The Simai main reaches flow west of the town. The orchid meadow is protected. The town was named after the natron lake on the eastern side of the town. The Calvinist church was built in the 1780s in late Baroque style, it is a listed monument. There are three sarcophagus-shaped gravestones in its garden. Serbian settlers had lived in the village since the 17th century since then there had been Greek orthodox Church. Their church was built in 1832. The construction of the Roman Catholic church lasted from 1803 to 1810. It stands free in a row of houses. It is a late Baroque, arched church. The Casino on the Main Square was built in 1911. In 2000 the building regained its old beauty. At present it is a Technological Incubator house. The Nánássy mansion, which houses the hostel of the secondary school, is a nice piece of the architecture typical of the town. The neo-Classic Town Hall, built in 1905, is also worth seeing. The Town Museum was opened in 1995: it has three permanent and one temporary exhibitions. A statue park in memory of the famous sons of Újfehértó is being formed in the garden of the museum .

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